The principle of all things is water; everything is made of water, and everything returns to water. Thales of Miletus

›› Healthy life begins with living water ‹‹

It influences metabolism as well as cell function. We Penzinghofer share the philosophy of Johann Grander 100%!

Water is not only essential to life, it is also a means of wellbeing and beauty. It cleanses from the inside, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the body’s own defense system. Conscious drinking behavior improves well-being and increases performance.

It is worth drinking water even before you feel thirsty – 2 liters and more per day. Water does not contain any calories, but it consumes some. Water is essential for physical and spiritual well-being.

Our clear gold flows from all of our faucets:

  • In the rooms & in all of our public areas
  • Kitchen & restaurants
  • In the lavender spa with infinity pool & natural swimming pond
  • In the Liftradl & in the holiday apartments on the Römerweg
  • In the Schörgerer cheese dairy & schnapps distillery