The Schörgerer biomass heating system supplies the Penzinghof, the Liftradl, the farm with cheese dairy, the schnapps distillery and the Dickat holiday home with thermal energy from wood chips.

The heart of the biomass heating is the wood chip firing with 2x 200 KW. The stove works fully automatically and generates hot water at 80 degrees when wood chips from the forest are heated.

The properties are networked with district heating pipes and are thus supplied with hot buffer water. The buffer tanks are charged with the hot water. These in turn feed the heating circuits in the houses and generate pleasantly warm service water with the help of hot water modules. Once it has cooled down in the boiler house, the water is heated again in the return flow and sent on its way again.


  • In the past, around 95,000 liters of heating oil were used
  • Now there are approx. 1100 cubic meters of wood chips
  • 440 solid cubic meters or 30 trucks of domestic firewood
  • The energy is read off with a district heating meter
  • With around 950 megawatts per year, we save around 20% on heating costs

Planung & Beratung

IWG Heizungstechnik, Ing. Wolfgang Greiner