In front of our farm house we have two orchards full of apples and pears that are typical for this region (Rosenäpfel, Salzburger, Kronzels, Rote Pichl Birnen, Eigelsbacher Birnen, Wasserbirnen), plums, mirabelles, blue elderberry and rowan berry.

Some of our apples are made into naturally cloudy apple juice, which you can try in our farm house or in the Penzinghof.

The remaining fruit gets mashed and mixed with yeast and enzymes and then put into 200 litre barrels to ferment. In autumn we use the fruit to make schnapps in our 100 litre water bath distillation of Eduard Holstein. The home-made schnapps remains stored for a few months in order to mature before it gets bottled (0,5 litres), labeled and sealed.

For those who would like to know more – on Fridays, you can visit the distillery and the farm, where you can taste the rowanberries, pers, apples, masterwort and raspberries – all from Andreas & Stefan Lindner!

Schoergerer x e
In Schörgerer there is a lot of love and passion in every detail. You can taste it with every bite and sip. Our secret? Only regional ingredients from the immediate area find their way into our product range and create hearty, delicious treats.
Andreas Lindner, Passionate and award-winning schnapps distiller & cheese maker