Breathe the fresh mountain air and allow the sun to tickle your stomach! The swimming pond – the purest pleasure for our hotel guests.

Breathe the fresh mountain air & let the sun tickle your stomach!

Bathe in  vitalized GRANDER WASSER! Experience how great it can be to use and protect nature! Whether bathing, tanning, relaxing, observing nature, or simply feeling good, be surrounded by a piece of pure nature.

By bathing without chemicals, you can help your skin while being near to the seasonal development of nature.

  • Water area 680 square meters
  • Water depth 1.39 meters
  • Lying area about 2000 square feet
  • Children’s area 30 square meters
  • Herbal fragrance garden & barefoot path

Swimming pond

Swimming pond

Cool off, swim, have fun, sunbathe, relax, …

Wellness packages

Enjoy the weightlessness of being – a wellness holiday or even just a wellness weekend in the Kitzbühel Alps is perfect for pampering yourself with beauty treatments or just drifting in the heated infinity pool. Pure wellness and relaxation!

Browse through our wellness packages, these are tailor-made and combine numerous services at the best bargain price.