We are happy to welcome you in our governmental rewarded hotel! The well being of you and our nature is for us „Penzinghofer“ a real affair of the heart, because of that we got awarded with the Austrian Eco Label from the Austrian ministry of environment. We dedicated ourselves to comply with stricter environmental criterias and to get controlled by organizations from the outside.

The Austrian Eco Label

Europäisches Umweltzeichen

Österreichische Umweltzeichen

We are using this reward as a visual sign for our commitment to the environment – but also the people who are our guests and employees are important to us. Together we take ecological and
social responsibility by

  • favoring environmental friendly and regional products,
  • using energy and water reasonable,
  • minimizing the CO2-emission,
  • using renewable energy,
  • minimizing and separating waste,
  • training and motivating our employees,
  • supporting the local economy,
  • maintaining the natural diversity and cultural heritage,
  • creating offers for our guests as well as locals,
  • lifting up the satisfaction & happiness of our guests as well as
  • steadily improving the (environmental) quality of our hotel,
  • helping our guests to have a sustainable holiday experience.

We are happy when you as our guest supports us with our efforts and give an active attribute yourself for a better environment for all of us and our children by

  • closing windows when the heating or the air-conditioning is
    turned on,
  • turning off the lights when you leave the room,
  • not keeping the water unnecessary running or flushing the
    toilette, let us know if the water tap is dripping or the toilette
    isn‘t sealed,
  • putting towels on the ground if you like them changed,
  • separating your trash into the given bins,
  • enjoying precious food products, and helping to keep food waste
    to a minimum,
  • only smoking where it is allowed,
  • favoring public transport and bikes,
  • respecting regional customs on excursions into the nature,
  • favoring regional, environmental friendly and low-waste products
    while shopping.

Thank you for your contribution! Your ideas and suggestions, on how to improve ourselves is always welcome!

What we do today, will determine what the world will look like tomorrow - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach -

At the moment we are utelizing the time and rework together with Nina Weiglhofer (Greenolutions) our sustainability concept which is used to certify us with the Austrian Environmental Label!