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Certified, close to nature and ecologically managed farm

The Austrian & European Ecolabel

We look forward to welcoming you to our state-awarded business!

Your well-being and that of the environment are a matter of the heart for us “Penzinghofers”, which is why we were awarded the Austrian & European Ecolabel by the Ministry of the Environment. We are committed to complying with many strict environmental criteria and to being independently audited.

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Hotel Oberndorf in Tirol

We carry this award as a visible sign of our commitment to the environment – but the people who are our guests and work for us are also extremely important to us. Together, we assume ecological and social responsibility by

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Herbsturlaub in Oberndorf in Tirol

We would be pleased if you, as our guest, would support our efforts and also make an active contribution to a healthier environment for us and our children by

KM 0 = kilometer zero - we buy on site!

Our partners & suppliers

A heartfelt “Vergelt`s Gott” to our partners! As part of the “Regional Aufgetischt” initiative, we were honored by the Federal Minister for our active partnership between farmers and restaurants!

Thank you very much for your participation!

Your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve are welcome!

Biomass heating Schörgerer

The biomass heating Schörgerer supplies the Penzinghof, the Liftradl, the farm with farm cheese dairy, the schnapps distillery & the vacation home Dickat with thermal energy from forest chips.

The heart of the biomass heating system is the 2x 200 KW wood chip furnace. The furnace works fully automatically and produces 80 degrees hot water with the heating of forest chips.

The objects are networked with district heating pipes and are thus supplied with hot buffer water. The hot water is used to charge the buffer tanks. These, in turn, feed the heating circuits in the houses and generate pleasantly warm domestic water with the help of hot water modules. Once it has cooled down in the boiler house, the water is reheated in the return flow and sent on its way again.


Grander water

The principle of all things is water; from water is everything, and into water everything returns. Thales of Miletus
” Healthy life begins with living water ”

It influences metabolism as well as cell function. We Penzinghofers share the philosophy of Johann Grander 100%!

Water is not only essential for life, it is also a means of well-being and beauty. It cleanses from the inside, boosts metabolism and strengthens the body’s defense system. Conscious drinking behavior improves well-being and increases performance.

It is worth drinking water even before you feel thirsty – 2 liters and more per day. Water does not contain calories, but it consumes them. Water is essential for physical & mental well-being.

Our clear gold flows from all our taps