Schnapps & Fine Spirits

from our farm Schörgerer

In Wiesenschwang, domestic plums, mirabelles, black elderberries and rowanberries also thrive excellently.

Fine brandies from Schörgerer - near Kitzbühel

Schnapps & Edelbrand from Schörgerer! In front of our farmhouse there are two orchards. These are mainly apple and pear varieties typical of the region, such as (rose apples, Salzburger, Kronzels, Rote Pichl pears, Eigelsbacher pears, water pears).



Andreas Lindner, Passionate and award-winning distiller & cheesemaker

Distillery Wiesenschwang

A part of the apples is pressed to natural cloudy apple juice (ca.500 lt) and served as thirst quencher in the farm and Penzinghof. The other fruit is carefully mashed in its entirety. The crushed fruit is fermented in 200 lt. barrels enriched with yeast and enzymes. Then, in the fall, the distillation pot is fired up and schnapps is distilled. At present we use a 100 lt. water bath still from Eduard Holstein.

The self-distilled is stored for a few months, then set up with spring water, bottled in 0.5 lt. bottles, labeled and sealed. The marketing takes place via the Penzinghof or the Liftradl & Schörgerer Hofladen.

Who wants to know more – on Friday you are welcome to visit the distillery & farm. Taste rowan, pear, apple, masterwort, raspberry, … from Andreas & Stefan Lindner!