was acquired from our grandfather Stefan Lindner who bought the farm "Schörgerer


a single chair lift was built by the St. Johann - Oberndorf mountain railroads. The bottom station was located in the house field of the Schörgerer.


It soon turned out that the hospitality bore fruit. After much deliberation and with "a bit of grit", the construction of an inn was then undertaken. On New Year's Eve, the Penzinghof was opened and properly inaugurated.

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Family Lindner

Greetings! We are `s – your family Lindner. For over 3 generations we Penzinghofer are already hosts. This long tradition and history shapes our actions. We are firmly rooted in the region and nature and want to take responsibility for our homeland and descendants.

Stefan Lindner sen.

25.10.1943 - 13.08.2020 Farmer to Schörgern & Innkeeper of the Penzinghof
"Steff" was married to "Christl" Sr. for over 40 years. Together they have 6 children. Chapeau! Stefan Sr. was our rock and the calm soul of the Hotel Penzinghof. He built up the Penzinghof in 1969 & managed the farm at the same time - a pioneer with many visions. He knew how to encourage the "young wild ones" early on - the handover of the business followed in 2003. His grandchildren loved him!

Christine Lindner sen.

Liftradl boss
"Christl" was married to "Steff" Sr. for over 40 years. Together they have 6 children. Chapeau! She is a nimble landlady and an organizational talent. The love of cooking has passed you Christine. She loves to decorate the hotel & the Liftradl - it's a joy to watch how she always transforms everything. Christine Sr. is bubbling over with vigor. Skiing, swimming and biking are among her favorite activities. Of course, the grandchildren must not be neglected.

Barbara Buter-Lindner

Restaurant management
"Godi" has been working at the Hotel Penzinghof since 1977. Their area is the service & everything about the wine. Barbara was also at the first Sommelière Austria & always tells funny stories. "Godi" is the Tyrolean name for godmother. Her husband Johan is originally from Holland. In 2011 he moved to Oberndorf - the Doctor of History supports us at the hotel on all levels. Johan is a "sir." He is very polite, generous and tolerant. He also has an incredible general knowledge. Godi, now you have found the "ONE".

Stefan Lindner jun.

Schörgerer farm
Stefan, the eldest brother of the 6 Lindner children, graduated from the Villa Blanka Hotel Management School in Innsbruck and the Weitau Agricultural School in St. Johann. Stefan is the chairman of Tirol Milch, the Cattle Breeders Association Austria and himself a passionate farmer on his Schörgerer farm. He farms it together with his brother Andreas. A "dashing" connoisseur who is innovative, determined and consistent. Simone is the perfect complement & completes Stefan. Pretty as a picture and very intelligent. Mrs. Mag. comes from the beautiful Ländle - Montafon in Vorarlberg. Their children Marie & David keep the farm lively - they bring a lot of joy to the whole family.

Elisabeth Kurz-Lindner

Ski rental Stailerai
Elisabeth & her husband Stefan run the ski store "the Stailerai" & the vacation apartments "the Stefan". Elisabeth is the oldest of the girls & has studied Tourism and International Economics at home & abroad (Canada, Italy, Norway,...). Her husband Stefan, a trained chef worked in sales at the Huber family brewery in St. Johann. The Triathlon Ironman is very fun, reliable & always there when needed. Both love good food with lovely people & nature, especially the mountains & water. Hanni & Heidi - one heart & one soul! Hanni & Heidi feel very comfortable at the Hotel Penzinghof. With their loving & cheerful nature, they put a smile on everyone's face.

Barbara Ladurner

Örtlerhof - Dorf Tirol
After hotel management school in Innsbruck and many stays abroad, Barbara came back home. Barbara has taken over the business with Christine in 2003 - with her you literally spray the energy & joie de vivre. In 2014 she moved to her husband Georg in South Tyrol - Dorf Tirol. A sensational mixture - Tyrolean meets "Tyrolean"! It doesn`t get any better than this. Together the two run the "Örtlerhof" - an insider tip! An enrichment & added value for both sides! Lotte & Klara are adorable ... you are a godsend!

Christine Lindner jun.

Christine has been at the Hotel Penzinghof since 2000. After the hotel management school Villa Blanka in Innsbruck and great cooking positions at home & abroad among others with Johanna Maier, Gebrüder Obauer, Villa Joya in Portugal she has returned home. In 2003 she took over the parental business. Christine cooks with love - her greatest passion! She is very creative and loves to work with people. To compensate, our boss enjoys nature! In summer you discover it by bike and in winter by skis.

George Lindner

Hotel Penzinghof
Georg was a top skier for 15 years and skied for the country of Moldova. He was at the World Championships in Garmisch & Schladming, as well as at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. He joined the company in January 2015. Georg is a real enrichment & great support for Christine. His favorite things are the mountains and nature - sports still have a very high priority. His wife, the pretty Maria worked at the Penzinghof as a breakfast fairy. Now together they run the vacation apartments "the Luis". With the boys Leo, Luis, Tommi & Philipp you are a really, cool patchwork family.

Andreas Lindner

Schörgerer farm
Andreas is the youngest of the 6 Lindner children. After secondary school, he attended the hotel management school in Bad Hofgastein for 3 years and worked for Johann Lafer, among others. The processing of natural raw materials & the "tinkering" of new products is Andreas' great passion, which he has been living out in the Schörgerer Hofkäserei since 2010 - here he is actively supported by his nimble wife Christina! He is also a passionate and award-winning distiller and cheesemaker. In the barn he likes to work with his employees, the cows. Annalena & Adriana are Andi's pride and joy. Together with dog Sandy this is a really, cool family.

For over 3 generations we Penzinghofer are already hosts. This long tradition and history shapes our actions. We are firmly rooted in the region and nature and want to take responsibility for our homeland and descendants.

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