OBERNDORF. The 76 years old Stefan Lindner, farmer & innkeeper, hotelier and a pioneer in tourism, died after being sick on August 13. The farmer’s son (Schörgerer farm) was born 1943; and found his path of life as famer, cattle breeder and also as host and hotelier.  Starting 1969 he and his wife Christine started to build up the Penzinghof to a regional leading business but still he remained a passionate farmer. Furthermore Lindner was many years active as functionary in Tourism and for the cable railway, was representative of the ski club and also political engaged in the town (ÖVP, municipal council). He was always able to inspire his family for tourism & gastronomy as well as for the agriculture. The well known Penzinghof is and will be in the future as it was in the mind of Stefan Lindner a place to go not only for guests but also for the locals. The decendent was buried in Oberndorf on August 18.