Whether you want to spend time with your loved ones in the Lavender Spa, let yourself be pampered again or escape the stress of everyday life with a massage: our pampering treatments and massages offer an individual offer for your time out.

Appointments for your treatment

More individuality! Book your appointments comfortably from home – you reserve the time by phone on +43 (0) 5352 62905 or by email at info@penzinghof.at and decide on site which treatment you would like.

Lassen Sie sich von unseren Lavendel Spa Therapeuten beraten … Sie arbeiten mit hochwertigsten, natürlichen Produkten, die Ihren Körper und Ihre Seele verwöhnen.

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Whole body massage

50 Min. € 64

Whole body massage with face and head

75 Min. € 95

Combined massage (back & feet)

50 Min. € 59

Partial body massage

25 Min. € 39

Facial massage

25 Min. € 39


25 Min. € 39

Foot massage

25 Min. € 39

Head, neck and back massage

50 Min. € 65

Intensive back massage

25 Min. € 42

Kopf-Nacken-Rücken Massage

50 Min. € 65

Sports massage – individual treatment area

25 Min. € 42

Calf massage

25 Min. € 35

Banding – small

€ 25

Banding – large

€ 32

Aromatic Oil Massages

For deep relaxation and well-being. Essential oils have inherent beneficial
vibrations that elevate, complement and balance our own energy levels.

Back treatment – 25 Min. € 42
Whole body treatment – 50 Min. € 65

Honey Massage

Honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This massage has a detoxifying, relaxing, circulation-promoting effect and dissolves adhesions in the connective tissue.

25 Min. € 42

Entspannung für den Bauch

Verwöhnen Sie Ihren Bauch mit warmen Kräutern, die eine beruhigende und krampflösende Wirkung auf Ihre Organe haben. Im Anschluss folgt eine leichte Massege, die die Funktion Ihres Darmes reguliert und wohltuend auf den Magen wirkt.

50 Min. € 59

Lymphatic Drainage

Rhythmic pressure pulses increase the outflow of tissue fluid through the
lymphatic and venous system.

Face, neck, décolleté – 25 Min.€ 40
Individual treatment area – 50 Min. € 64

Foot Reflexology

Strengthens the physical constitution and strengthens the immune system. Any existing strained areas of the body are discovered and treated.

25 Min. € 40
50 Min. € 64

Penzinghof Individual Treatment

Our body reflects possible organic and physical imbalances outward through the reflex zones in the skin. Your concerns are individually discussed in detail with our spa therapists and your personal treatment concept is developed. You will then receive a tailor-made treatment with selected oils and essences.

50 Min. € 67

Hot Stones

Here, warm basalt stones are placed on the energy points of the body. The
massage with warm stones leads to deep relaxation. The treatment activates the circulation and metabolism and relaxes the muscles. The whole body experiences an extraordinary sense of well-being.

75 Min. € 102

Warmer Genuß

Ganzkörperstreichmassage mit warmen Sesam-Ingweröl. Dient der Aktivierung des Stoffwechsels und Stimulierung der Energiezentren.

50 Min. € 69


Do you need more time for yourself? Then take some time to let us pamper you. With a Cleopatra pack in the Haslauer relaxation lounger and a full body massage with wonderfully scented Cleopatra goat butter lotion.

Including rest afterwards – 85 Min. € 90

Pure Relaxation

Wellness bath in the whirlpool with your favorite bath essence, peel of your
choice and partial massage with aromatic oil.

85 Min. € 116

Fire Meets Wind

Ear candle with facial lymph drainage! For colds, headaches, insomnia &

50 Min. € 69
Ohrkerzen alleine – 20 Min. € 42

Peels on the Hammam Table

Removes the superficial dead skin cells, promotes blood circulation and the
ability to absorb high-quality active ingredients through the skin. It becomes
wonderfully smooth again, feels delightfully supple and tender.

Whole body peel – 25 Min. € 40

Mixed Doubles

For two – each alternately enjoy a regenerating peel and a relaxing magnetic
field therapy session

For 2 Persons – 50 Min. € 108

Champagner Peeling & Packung

Gönnen Sie Ihrer Haut ein wenig Luxus. Zum Abschluss der Behandlung erwartet Sie eine kleine, feine Überraschung.

60 Min. € 83


Moisturizes, balancing and lightly emollient effect. It gives your skin a long-lasting, silky soft feeling.

25 Min. € 42


Has a calming, relaxing and regenerating effect on body, mind and soul. Inhibits inflammation!

25 Min. € 42


Inhibits the aging process of the skin, is cell-activating, invigorating and at the same time moisturizing.

25 Min. € 42

Swiss Pine Pack

Soothing, relaxing and stimulating mode of action for body, mind and soul.

25 Min. € 42

Moor Mud Pack

A soothing treatment for tensions, injuries and rheumatic diseases. Moor mud has a circulation-promoting, relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

50 Min. € 63
Individual treatment area – 25 Min. € 42

Seaweed Pack

Has a purifying, draining and detoxifying effect. The high
iodine content stimulates cell metabolism and blood circulation.

50 Min. € 63


Ein entschlackender Körperwickel mit Bolus Alba, einer enzymatischen Erde die entschlackend und entgiftend auf Ihren Körper wirkt.

Einzelbehandlung – 50 Min. | € 46
Kombibehandlung mit Lymphdrainage & Körperwickel – 100 Min. | € 107

Straffung „auf 2 Tage verteilt”

Ein straffender Körperwickel mit Traubentrester, angereicht mit Ätherischen Ölen mit Anti-Aging-Wirkung.

Einzelbehandlung – 50 Min. | € 46
Körperwickel mit Entschlackung & Straffung – 100 Min. | € 89

Time together

Too seldom you get to focus only on your partner and yourself. We offer you the right setting to do so! Take your time together, and really recharge your batteries!

  • Cuddle bath in the whirlpool with your favorite bath essence by candlelight
  • Enjoy the heat together in the private steam bath with a peel of your choice
  • 2x full body aromatic oil massage
  • Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and a bottle of champagne in a four-poster bed

Including rest in the four-poster bed for two people – 150 Min. | € 249

Cuddle bath

Relax in the whirlpool together – choose your favorite bath essence and enjoy
fresh fruit and two glasses of bubbly sparkling wine by candlelight.

Including rest in the four-poster bed for two persons – 50 Min. | 49

Cloud 7

Enjoy the heat together in the private steam bath with a peel
of your choice, followed by two partial massages and a bottle
of bubbly sparkling wine in a four-poster bed.

Including rest afterward – 120 Min. | € 137

Baths in the Whirlpool

Enjoy your feel-good bath with a high-quality goat milk emulsion and
your favorite bath essence in the whirlpool. You can choose from:

  • Lavender-Sea Salt Bath – soothing, harmonizing and mood-lifting
  • Chamomile-Lemon Balm-Sea Salt Bath – calms inner restlessness, cramp-relieving and anti-inflammatory
  • Rose-Sea Salt Bath – balancing, harmonizing

20 min. bath and 10 min. rest for 1 personn | € 41
20 min. bath and 10 min. rest for 2 people | € 46


Eyelash tinting

€ 16

Eyebrow tinting

€ 14

Eyebrow shaping

€ 14

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

€ 24

Hair Removal, Warm Wax, Depilation

Upper lip, chin or eyebrows

€ 14

Leg to knee

€ 31

Whole leg

€ 44

Bikini line or underarms€ 23
Back or chest€ 33
Manicure45 Min.€ 43
Manicure with polish50 Min.€ 49
Happy Hands – Hand soak with healing
chalk, lavender peel and hand massage
25 Min.€ 39
Pedicure without polish45 Min.€ 47
Pedicure with polish50 Min.€ 51
Happy Feet – Foot soak with healing
chalk, lavender peel and foot massage
25 Min.€ 39
Stopp(t)zeichen – Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

Welcome ritual, cleansing and exfoliation with Vapozon, regenerating facial, brow shaping, individualized special mask, relaxing hand massage, acupressure for the relaxation of facial lines, serum, eye care, daily care tailored to your skin type.

90 Min. € 101

Naturally Pure & Beautiful

Cleaning and peel with Vapozon, deep pore cleansing, relaxing facial, brow
shaping, optimizing active agent mask, hand massage, serum, daily care tailored to your skin type.

75 Min. € 89

Thirst Quencher – Intensive Moisturizing Treatment

Cleansing and peel with Vapozon, relaxing facial, brow shaping, intensively
moisturizing special mask, hand pack, serum, daily care tailored to your skin

75 Min. € 89

Fresh Kick – Express Treatment

Cleansing and exfoliation, facial treatment, cream mask, daily care tailored to your skin type.

50 Min. € 63

Just Men Things

Cleansing and exfoliation with vapozon, brow shaping, relaxing facial, effect mask, hand massage and daily care tailored to your skin type.

75 Min. € 89

For Him – Lots of results in a little time

Wellness bath of your choice, manicure, Just Men Things, foot reflexology massage.

155 Min. € 165


Lavender Spa Massage Package

  • Individual treatment – 50 min.
  • Full body massage with face / head – 75 min.
  • Aromatic oil massage – 50 min.
  • Partial massage – 25 min.

€ 269
€ 256

Energy Package

  • 2x magnetic field – 12 min.
  • Foot Reflexology – 25 min.
  • Swiss pine pack – 25 min.
  • Honey massage – 25 min.

€ 142
€ 135

Mama or Papa & ME Package

  • Partial massage (Mom or Dad) – 25 min.
  • Wellness bath of your choice with chocolate fondue (Mom or Dad and ME) – 30 min.
  • Pinocchio partial massage (child) – 25 min.

€ 117
€ 111

Men’s Package

  • Sports Massage- 25 min.
  • Just Men Things – 75 min.
  • Moor Mud Pack – 25 min.

€ 173
€ 164


  • Alps-Peel – 25 min.
  • Seaweed – pack – 50 min.
  • Happy feet – 25 min.
  • Facial massage – 25 min.

€ 160
€ 152

“Snow White” Manicure

Hand soak, nail filing, massage and nail polish with the polish of your choice.

25 Min. € 32

Partial Massage – Pinocchio

With this massage, the muscles are gently relaxed with fragrant oils.

25 Min. € 32


With this massage, the muscles are gently relaxed with chocolate.

25 Min. € 32

Wellness packages

Enjoy the weightlessness of being – a wellness holiday or even just a wellness weekend in the Kitzbühel Alps is perfect for pampering yourself with beauty treatments or just drifting in the heated infinity pool. Pure wellness and relaxation!

Browse through our wellness packages, these are tailor-made and combine numerous services at the best bargain price.